Watery Eyes (CNLDO)

CNLDO or Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction is one of the very common disorders which is observed in Children. It causes epiphora, which is Overflow of tears due to blockadge in nasolacrimal duct drainage system.

As per the observations, it is observed in as many as 20% children under the age of 1 year worldwide and usually is treated without surgery.

Best available treatment options are considered to be conservative therapy, which includes observation, lacrimal sac massage and antibiotics, and invasive therapy. It is believed that for children under the age of 1 Year, observation, combined with conservative options have been the most fruitful where as in children above the age of 1-year, nasolacrimal probing successfully addresses most obstructions.

If probing fails or if the child is more than 2 year old than it may require DacroCysto Rhinostomy (DCR) Surgery.

It is advised that children with CNLDO should be followed up with a comprehensive eye examination for at least 3-4 years.

MYTH: Sac massage can lead to damage of eyes and should be done very gently.

FACT: Sac massage with firm and adequate pressure can open the tear duct in majority of cases which saves the need for invasive procedure.