Dr. Bhumi Patel

Dr. Bhumi Patel


Born in a family associated with providing community health care, Dr. Bhumi Patel was raised in Morbi. She was attracted towards medicine right from her childhood and always dreamed of helping people battling the toughest time of life. It was during her graduation days at Government Medical College, Rajkot, she developed her interest in Ophthalmology. She was delighted by seeing the microstructure of the eye, was fascinated by the ocular manifestations of systemic diseases and how delicate and challenging surgeries results in dramatic improvement in patients’ quality of life.

This foundation led her to join post-graduation (M.S.) in ophthalmology which she completed with flying colors and was honored with Gold Medal. After her post-graduation, she joined prestigious M M Joshi Eye Institute as a fellow in advanced phacoemulsification techniques for cataract surgery. Following fellowship, she joined G T Sheth Govt. Eye Hospital, Rajkot for further experience.

She is quite devoted to community services and had been part of various charitable organizations and camps right from her post-graduation days. Her deep resolve to help people of her hometown brought her back to the famous Govt. Eye Hospital, Morbi with the mindset to extend her services for the needy and continue the legacy of care and cure.

Ophthalmology offers opportunities to build close and meaningful relationships with patients of all ages and background, allowing her to be the warm, compassionate clinician that she always wanted to be.