ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens is a synthetic lens which is placed over the natural crystalline lens to focus the light rays on the retina. It is comparable in operating as a lens system, associated in structure and it closely resembles a Lens System (IOL).

Unlike LASIK, ICL is deep seated before of the eye’s natural lens, in a way that it is invisible to others including the patient. ICL is associate intraocular surgery and thus, is best suited to people with moderate to severe ametropia or for patients with skinny membrane or chronic dry eye. Since it offers HD vision while not having to face the assorted risks related to LASIK, ICL is the most popular possibility over several different procedures.

Also, unlike LASIK, which is permanent, ICL is removable and also provides UV protection to eyes.

IPCL or Implantable Phakic Lenses is considered to be a revolutionary refractive error answer. It is well suited for pretty much everyone who wishes to induce obviate spectacles and is ideal for patients who are otherwise unsuitable for membrane procedures like LASIK, PRK, etc.

IPCL eye surgeries are generally safe, painless, reversible and offer higher visual results than the other refractive error procedures. This surgery has tried to be effective in most cases, together with hypermetropia. It needs correct designing and implantation.

The process only takes about 8-10 minutes per eye and has a very fast recovery since there is no removal of membrane tissue.