Adult Squint Correction

The usual reason for Squint to happen in adults can be due to certain diseases like a thyroid eye disease and/or myasthenia which affects eye muscles or the diseases which affect the nerve to our eye muscles such as diabetes and high blood pressure or sometimes even due to trauma in which conditions a direct stress is applied to the eyes. It can also be due to undetected squint from childhood which worsens over time.

It can cause :

  • Double Vision
  • Restriction of Eye Movements in one or more gaze
  • Drooping of Eyelid
  • Pupil Involvement
  • Blurred Vision
  • Cosmetic Concerns

This can be corrected through multiple ways :

  • To help our eyes to focus, generally, glasses or contact lenses are prescribed and squint is controlled
  • In case of double vision, it can be controlled by wearing glasses with Special Prism Lenses
  • To temporarily straighten an affected eye, Botox Injection is given into the eye muscle
  • Squint Surgery

In an average of about 40 minutes of Surgery, a surgeon usually makes a small cut on the surface membrane of the eye and then will separate one or more eye muscles from the surface of the eyeball.

Depending on the corrections that needs to be made, surgeons will make those muscles tighter or looser than they were before and then reattach them with the help of small dissolvable stitches.

After the surgery, an adult can go back to their respective home within couple of hours. Based on the advices given by healthcare professionals, an individual should perform exercise for the good and speedy recovery. Usually, it is not advisable to go for swimming or to lift anything heavy unless confirmed and consulted with your surgeon.

MYTH : Squint surgery is not predictable. Squint remains or recurs after surgery!!
FACT : Squint surgery is quite predictable and gives precise results if evaluation and surgical planning is done properly! Sometimes a step wise approach is more desirable where we operate on one eye first followed by other eye to give more accurate results.