Dr. Om Patel

Dr. Om Patel

Founder and Director

After graduation from PDU Medical College, Rajkot, Dr. Om got his post-graduation training from the prestigious VENU Eye institute in New Delhi. He was trained intensively in advanced phacoemulsification cataract surgery as well as other anterior segment surgeries during his residency.

It was during his residency, he realized the dire need of pediatric ophthalmologist and squint experts around the country and more specifically in Saurashtra. He joined the famous M M Joshi eye Institutes in Hubli, Karnataka for long term fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

After his fellowship, He was fortunate to continue his training at the famous Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada and Aravind Eye Institute, Coimbatore.

Dr. Patel has expertise in dealing with almost all kind of eye surgeries, investigations and lasers with a vast experience of over 3000 successful adult eye surgery as well as more than 1000 pediatric eye surgeries to his credit.

Dr. Patel firmly believes in combining clinical practice with research, academics and community service. He loves to attend various national and international conferences to stay in touch with recent developments. He has a passion for educating his junior doctors, patients and public in general.

His diverse clinical experience, strong work ethics, friendly nature, confident yet caring attitude with a zeal to reach out to everyone in need makes him one of the most sought doctors in Saurashtra. Patients often look up to him as life time friend rather than just a physician!!